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Our Proposal to Manage Your Valuable Investment

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website and give us the opportunity to prove why we are the 'Elite Choice’ when leasing your home. 

Please click on the following link to open our Proposal to Manage booklet, it contains all the information on our procedures and how we can professionally manage your valuable investment.




Who is the BEST Property Manager?

A question that is frequently asked through Google. Of course, we like to think that it’s us, but so does every other Real Estate!

A better question, and maybe what is more suitable for Landlords of this day and age is, Who is the best Property Manager for ME? Landlords today have the ability to Google, are more educated and most have the knowledge on how the basics of a rental property works. As a Landlord you need to know what YOU want from your agent to make the correct decision. Agencies are all different, we all have different goals and targets but our ultimate objectives are the same; to offer the best Property Management Service. A few questions to ask yourself before choosing an agent these days may be - What do I want from my Property Manager? Is it ultimately cheap fees? Am I prepared to pay more for a higher quality service? Is it communication? Does the Company have a reputation I can trust? Can the company provide what I need to make me comfortable with my valuable investment in their hands?

So why do we think you need Elite Choice Real Estate?

We believe, above all else, it's about communication. You are trusting a complete stranger to manage a property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and you need to be kept up to date what is happening with it.

Most agencies say, and we do too, that we have the experience and the knowledge. But what we also have, that sets US apart, is the right policies and procedures to ensure our clients get the highest quality, consistent service possible! Its our slogan and its what drives us!

We have smaller portfolios, meaning we have more time for each one of our clients to ensure we get back to you in respectable timeframes; we can maintain your property and tenancy to the highest possible standards and market price. Most agencies advertise in exactly the same location, with a few exceptions, our smaller portfolios means we have the time for you and your questions!

We are a young and vibrant company that has been successfully running since 2012 and manage properties in Kalgoorlie and Perth.

Anyone can write an article on how good they are and post it on the internet; when you’re ready for us to prove it, please give us call, email & ask the hard questions. We will show you the above, is exactly how we do business!