Tenant Information

Looking for a Rental?

Should our list of current rentals not be suitable for your requirements, please feel free to email us at enquiries@elitechoicerealestate.com.au with what you require in a rental, what your preferred price is and we will be in contact with any new properties that we have come available.


Rent Banking Details

Bank - Bankwest 

Account Name - Elite Choice Real Estate Trust Account

BSB -306-039   Acc #- 059 3692 

Reference -  First 4 Letters of your Property Address, followed by the first 4 letters of your Surname, ending in RENT or INV. Depending on what you are paying



Please call ahead to make a time to meet, like most work places a good schedule and followed timetable makes life easy. To help us keep our schedule and to save you time for a second trip to the office, please call ahead to make an appointment and we would be happy to sit down and discuss any issues.


End of Lease Requirements 

When it comes time to move on from your rental property, all notifications need to be in writing with a signature from all individuals named on the contract.

If you are on a fixed term contract and are moving out at the end of your lease a period of 30 days’ notice is legally required. If you are on a periodic contract (month by month) you must legally give 21 days’ written notice with a signature from everyone on the contract.

If you are having to break your contract a letter advising a forwarding address and an approximate date the property will be available will need to be provided. You will then be reminded the full process on submitting the notification and if any fees are required to be paid.

The property condition report needs to be followed closely to ensure you are returning the property in the same or better condition as how you found it. Please note that paint chips are best to be viewed by the Property Manager to advise if they need to be patched, if you patch an item the wrong colour it may cost you further fees to fix the incorrect paint patch, please get advice before painting anything.